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brooks, lee
woman in red
acrylic on canvas

102cm x 76cm
This artist is available for commission.

Lee Brooks

I was born in 1964 in a sleepy village called Water Orton and have lived locally to there most of my life.  However, I have travelled extensively, living briefly in New Zealand, but now reside in Warwickshire.
It was whist in New Zealand, where my work sold well through galleries in Christchurch, that I decided to embrace the world of contemporary abstract painting fully!...... I am a great believer in things happening for a reason...so took the negative events in my life around that time and turned them into something positive!!
I enjoy the free expression that painting contemporary abstract art brings..........it gives me a sense of freedom that more formal work does not.  My inspiration derives from my experiences in life....an emotion, an event, maybe a word, a sentence, a colour, a place, a person or indeed several people.....
The majority of my work is acrylic on large canvases, some taking several weeks to complete;  with the focus being on strong colour, bold abstract form and lines.  The intent is that individual painting’s are a focal point of any room or location, whilst complimenting its surroundings.
More recently Lee has successfully exhibited at the Newcastlegateshead Art Fair and shipped work to Australia and Dubai. He also works hand in hand with interior designers to provide bespoke artwork for contemporary modern projects.

All corporate or private commission work is welcome.