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untitled I
acrylic on canvas

152cm x 122cm
This artist is available for commission.

Rami Alyazje

Originally from Syria, Rami studied Civil Engineering at university before coming to study in the UK and later working as a Management Consultant in London- where he is based now. Throughout the nineties Rami worked as a 3D Graphic Designer and Tutor.  This allowed him to explore the theories and techniques that underline the understanding of light, colour, space and the study of the natural (and fictional) world in order to simulate it.  He came to painting fairly late in his career.  Following a small project and a short course at an art academy, he felt painting can provide the means of expression he was so desperately seeking.  He is self-taught and part of his work is based on experimentation.  A major influence in his work is Abstract Expressionism.
I dont decide on what the painting is going to look like. I let it be, with as little intervention as possible.  I intend the process of creation to be very spontaneous and simple, less controlled by the mind and less dependent on a pre-determined course of action.
My painting practice is always in constant motion. I am never at the same place for too long, always looking for better ways of expressing myself.  My ultimate goal is to create art that is meaningful and valid!