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untitled 14
acrylic on canvas

46cm x 91cm
This artist is available for commission.

Furrah Syed

Furrah Syed’s abstracts are unique in that the viewer has more freedom than usual to view and interpret what he or she sees or feels.  As Furrah does not want to disturb the composition on the canvas in any way, she signs only on the reverse of each canvas; this also allows all her pieces to be rotated and viewed in any of four orientations.  Furthermore, her works are untitled so as to avoid placing any pre-conceived ideas that might hinder a free and individual experience of personally interpreting what the viewer chooses to visualise on the canvas.  Furrah’s abstract art can be experienced by both sight and touch as she is one of the few artists who actually encourage people to feel the surface of the canvas.  Her works offer a collage of textures created using multiple layers of paint or mixed media such as sand, wax or papier-mâché. 

“Capturing movement on a two dimensional medium is challenging. My aim is to create a flow of energy on the canvas which gains momentum as the viewer discovers the intricate colour combinations across the heavily textured canvas.  The alteration of art by the changing lights of the day, even the different moods and interpretation of the viewer means that abstract art derives as much from the viewer as from the artist.”