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tatheus III
giclee print on paper

28cm x 37.5cm
This artist is available for commission.

Martin Crampin

One of a series of images of St Tatheus based around the history of Roman and early medieval Caerwent, now a small village in south east Wales.

A Roman civitas, the town of Caerwent seems to have been abandoned early in the fifth century. However, by the tenth century a large monastery existed at the site, according to information found in the twelfth century Llandaff Charters. The origins of this monastery may lie within the twelfth century Life of St. Tatheus. The story records his arrival from Ireland, and the miraculous sign of a tamed stag which sufficiently impresses Caradog, the king of Gwent, for him to grant Tatheus the town of Caerwent.

Martin moved to Wales in 1991, graduating in Interactive Arts from Newport School of Art and Design in 1995. During the final year of his undergraduate studies he began to make digital images for installations interpreting medieval Welsh tales, and these images began to assume a life of their own, individually and as series of images. Welsh history and archaeology have formed the basis of much of his work since, including research for an MA in Celto-Roman Studies.

He has worked as an artist in residence and teaches digital imaging at the University of Wales Aberystwyth, as well as working as a multimedia designer. His work has been exhibited across Wales and internationally, and reflects his ongoing engagement with the visual culture of Wales.