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white, andrew
oil on board

70cm x 50cm
This artist is available for commission.

Andrew White

"I cycled from my house to my (other) brothers house in ‘Long Buckby’ (nr Northampton).  It was a baking day and I did a series of 4 sketches (and 10 colour matches (a technique I’ve developed to ensure the right colour matches the daylight).  It’s actually a very fluid painting which I hope conveys the heat of the day."


Andrew has painted in excess of 100 pieces to date.  His early works consisted of detailed still life with interesting perspectives.
The obsession with perspective is characteristic of these pieces. 
True perspective actually consists of curves and is only true from one point.  However, a ‘road to Damascus’ experience caused him to drop the rigorous attention to detail and move into a freer style, allowing expression and some interpretation of events.  Learning styles and techniques from painters such as Nicholas Verrall and Georgio Morand White has created a fluid but realistic style.  However, White sees painting and traditional art still as a stop to learn and improve from others before proceeding to more creative and dynamic mediums.  Forthcoming work will include the use of plasma screens and mathematical art to make a useful but beautiful work.