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apsara mapped
digital print

44cm x 15cm
This artist is available for commission.

Faye Haskins

Travel is an essential source of inspiration - it has become an action that is comparative to a ritual, which fuels the work.  Driven by a curiosity - an intrigue - an exploration of the unknown and yet a familiar action that is repeated - similar in essence to that of a pilgrimage.
Although using specific symbols (recognisable imagery) she is not in pursuit of a single idea. The work tends to be a reflection of our contemporary free for all, borrowing from a number of cultural sources.
The work is based on journeying, on people and cultures, past and present and the land and landscape itself.  Trips are documented through photographs and drawings that are brought back into the studio and developed into different media with the added element of memory.
The presence / absence element derives from my interest in relics, in things being revealed or discovered, in the act of discovery, which for me has manifested itself in the ritual like action of travel.  Recent trips have been to India, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and to Peru, where inspiration has been drawn from trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.   More recently a road trip in the S.W. states of the USA and a 115km pilgrimage along the camino to Santiago de Compostella, Galicia.
Current work encapsulates imagery from all of the fore mentioned travels.