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black dog left
digital print on acid free archive paper

100cm x 100cm
This artist is available for commission.

Simon Danaher

Simon has no training in art, design or technology.  He didn't graduate from art college, and didn't pass any exams.  As a professional graphic artist for the past 9 years though Simon has written 5 books on computer graphics and his general digital design work has found him working with international clients such as Saatchi and Saatchi and taken him from his home in Wales to New York and London.  "I have a passion for art that's difficult to express.  For a long time I thought you had to be a painter to be an artist; I never went to art school, but when I discovered the art of minimalist movement it affected me profoundly".

Simon's artwork makes use of his skills in advanced digital 3D design and often makes highly visible use of the language of industrial digital graphics but is very different to his corporate graphic design work.  "In the industry that I work there's a constant push towards realism, softness and a photographic aesthetic particularly because the skills and technology is driven by the requirements of the entertainment industry.  You're generally trying to fool people into thinking what they're seeing is a photo or live action, but digital is inherently false. I like using black plastic or acrylic surfaces - shiny plastic is a look that's often associated with amateurism in the 3D industry".

Simon finds inspiration from music, architecture, science, industry as well as nature and the landscape but digital nature of Simon's work offers opportunities he hopes to exploit.  He has worked on extended animated sequences for projection or display on large plasma or LCD screens as well as digital prints which he says "has come one leaps and bounds. You're nearing the point of perfect reproduction from a digital source with the current technology, and with the highest quality archive papers and light-fast UV inks, artwork has little risk of fading for at least 80 years.  Its very robust".  Simon intends to expand into making practical models and sculpture through various fabrication and digital 3D printing processes "the creative possibilities are very exciting."