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a map of drunkeness
pencil on board

15cm x 15cm
This artist is available for commission.

Catherine Rive

“It is easy to get lost in Eudoxia: but when you concentrate and stare at the carpet, you recognise the street you were seeking in a crimson or indigo or magenta thread which on a wide loop brings you to a purple enclosure that is you real destination.  Every inhabitant of Eudoxia compares the carpet’s immobile order with his own image of the city, an anguish of his own the twists of fate”  Cities & the Sky1, Invisible Cities, Italo Calvino.
Maps contain the essence of a journey; they show the past, present and future.  I have a fascination for maps, plans and diagrams, prehistoric signs and markings whose meaning has been lost, found and reinterpreted with the passing of time.
I am influenced by my surrounding urban environment with the constant attempt to decode and interpret the many layers of signs, symbols and urban scrawl: indicators of place, territory, direction and position; the macro and micro elements of the city, the known and unknown, the revealed and concealed. At present I refer to old and existing maps of London, fragments of maps I find in the street that people have discarded ‘Post it note maps’ instant maps and doodles drawn in conversation to explain directions.
“It has been said that no stone ever leaves London but is reused and redeployed adding to the pile upon which the city rests”.
London the Biography, Peter Ackroyd.
Catherine graduated from Sunderland Polytechnic with a  BA(hons) in Fine Art and  Winchester School of art with an MA in European  Fine Art.  She has exhibited in the UK and Spain. Exhibitions include; The Centre of Attention, The London Chamber of  Commerce, Delfina Gallery, The Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, Durham Museum, Newcastle University as well as galleries in Sheffield and Barcelona, Spain.  She has also undertaken many residencies and commissions for galleries, schools, hospitals, corporate and community spaces.