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oil on canvas

25cm x 50cm
This artist is available for commission.

Philip Richardson

After obtaining his degree in Fine Art at Liverpool, Richardson lectured for a short time (mainly life drawing) then moved to Italy in 1979.  This was very important as he became aware of colour and light as if they had not existed previously.  Also the introduction to early Tuscan Artists was an enormous discovery and influence.  His studio is in Spain; which suits him as he prefers to work in total isolation and did not start showing work until 1996 as before then he had not felt ready to.  Since then Richardson has exhibited extensively throughout the U.K.

“The abstract in Art has a purity that I have always loved.  Since I was a student I have been trying to paint abstract paintings; however, I have always worked from observation.  At first I concentrated on developing my representational skills as I felt they were vital. More recently I find that to achieve my aim the world around me is the richest source of material. The physical presence of paint and the relationships between colours and marks are the essential elements.  All ideas are obtained by observation. Selection and the use of them are subjective decisions, though I strive for accuracy all the time.
Only landscape and still-life are my themes and sources.  The introduction of the human presence in portraiture changes the discipline; to include it is a move I would not make. Lastly, I find my mind alone does not produce adequate material.”

Philip Richardson currently lives and works in Hawkhurst.