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oil on canvas

123cm x 92cm
This artist is available for commission.

Jeremy Daoud

Jeremy’s abstract and figurative paintings contain some references to nature’s macro and micro systems, aiming to capture the present moment, and the moments in time that are unguarded when people are in their most vulnerable state. Each painting’s structure is made from lines, shapes; colours and gesture, which together primarily express feeling. His work is concentrated in creating a moment in time and space.
The paintings can also be seen as the visual resolution of conflicts. The atmosphere established can be one of tension between conflicting worldviews and values. One study captures the state of innocence and future promise before any dreams are fulfilled or thwarted. These visual elements can be seen as metaphors of the world of conflict, which we live in and which inhabits us.

Jeremy Daoud as an artist has the ability to manipulate the emotion of the viewer through various lines, shapes and media. He introduces cooler colours, higher contrast, and independent shapes that float against raw canvas establishing mystery within the piece and forcing the viewer to create their own explanations behind it.

The main artists who have influenced Daoud’s work are Lucian Freud and Gerhard Richter.