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This artist is available for commission.

Kaal Dewar

Kaal is a self taught and trained Painter, Photographer and Illustrative/Graphic Designer from Scotland working and living in London.  He has been creating Abstract and Landscape paintings in many different mediums, forms and textures, including Acrylic, Water-colour and Inks for many years.  Many of his pieces have natural items embedded into the works, these include leaves, wood, grasses, sand, crystal and marble.  He loves to experiment with his work and is always trying new techniques and forms.  The Highlands and Islands of Scotland have always had a big influence on his work and he tries to get home every year to refresh and stimulate his visual pallet and subconscious memory.
He has had three very successful solo exhibitions to date, two in London and one in Brighton.
Kaal is equally at home with camera and mouse, producing spectacular illustrations, artwork and designs digitally with the help of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Painter.

I like to add a piece of nature into as much of my work as I can, a lot of the time I will add elements found where the painting started, sand from a beach or leaves from a wood!