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crimson lake
acrylic on canvas

69cm x 69cm
This artist is available for commission.

Thelma Green

Each painting equates to an unknown journey.  I wait for the initial marks I make, which might be gestural, a monoprint, a thickly applied textural ground etc: to suggest a route forward so that I can continue and change direction at will. In a way, it is rather like solving a puzzle except that the final solution is never reached, as more possibilities become apparent which are stored away for future use or discarded.
The finished work bears evidence of my past:- some, built up by mosaic type textures and colours relate to India, some contain gestural calligraphic strokes from my Hong Kong years and some from my interest in the Aboriginal paintings of Australia.  The concepts of space and depth have become important and have led to several pieces with the word Cosmic in the titles.  However, I try not to be aware of these influences when I start to paint and concern myself with the relationship between myself, the canvas and the application of colour.

Recently, I have felt the need to introduce simple forms into some of my work and establish a relationship with the other elements to give some stability.  However, it is all part of the journey and each step brings a surprise and an extra awareness.
Work often starts with the canvas on the floor and at some point the canvas is stretched. Starting points can include staining with fluid colours, monoprinting, building up a textural surface or masking out areas.  Acrylic paint is used exclusively as it is such a versatile medium with the advantages of having strong adhesive qualities, drying quickly, the ability to be applied in transparent glazes or as thick impasto and it does not fade.  I use paint with the Trade mark Golden which is of a very high quality.